Chapter 6 – The First Date.

The wait was killing me. I would drop down at the showroom every now and then to check if the bike could be delivered early. 2 months had passed and I had to wait for another month. I casually called up my Sales consultant to check if I could get the motorcycle a tad early. He inadvertently blurted that a bunch of motorcycles would be landing at the showroom by Friday evening. That was it! I requested him to hand me the keys on Saturday. The poor guy had to leave for a KTM orange ride that day, so he informed me that he won’t be opening the showroom.


I dropped by at the showroom that evening and requested him to complete the formalities on Saturday. After some discussion, the poor guy gave in to my request (read Demand :P) and asked me to keep all the documents handy so that we could be done with all the paperwork as soon as possible. So now it was just a matter of 4 days until I can lay my hands on my first motorcycle. Not having test ridden her or seeing her in flesh, it was like going on a blind date.


It was Saturday morning. I woke up early, charged up with the feeling I’ll get my motorcycle today! I was waiting for the sales consultant to call me. It was already 10 am and he hadn’t called me yet. The phone rang at 10:30 am. “The bike’s being prepped up Sir”. That was it!. I did not let him finish and just blurted, “Great! I am coming there now.”. In the excitement, I called up a friend and asked him to accompany me. The motorcycle was supposed to be a surprise for everybody. I had kept it a secret all this while. But I could not contain it now. My friend, equally elevated as me, hopped on his scooter and headed for the showroom. Even the Rain gods decided to attend the delivery that day! The Clear sky turned dark and it began to drizzle.


Meanwhile, we completed the formalities and were waiting for the bike to be brought from the stockyard. I was pacing, wondering when she would turn up. My parents were equally excited, checking every now and then if the bike arrived. My heart was thumping. I turned around to ask the sales consultant about my bike when I heard her coming towards the showroom! I felt a light headed! My heart skipped a beat and before I could come back to my senses, she was right there in front of me! MY FIRST MOTORCYCLE! And god she looked gorgeous! I was being briefed about the motorcycle, but I could barely hear anything. My eyes just stuck on her, I nodded and thanked him for bearing with me. I swung my leg over and just grabbing the handlebar gave such a rush! I fueled up, purchased a cover, took her home and covered her, praying the rain would stop so I could take her out in the evening to meet my squad.  


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